The work you see on the site does not necessarily represent what others might see as my “best” work. Or my most effective work. Or my most celebrated, budget-heavy, big brand work, etc.
No, the work you see here is a selection of stuff of mine that I like. The stuff I I had fun making. The stuff that makes me happy. The stuff that means something to me.
If you want or need to see more, I’ll gladly pull some out and show you. But if you need more reassurance that I can do what you need me to do, these sentiments from others I’ve worked with may help assuage any concerns you may have and encourage you to get in touch. At least to find out why I ejoyed working on the featured pieces.
“As a writer, I'm well aware of the power of design to shape a narrative. Really enjoyed working with you on this — thanks for the collaboration. It's an artwork.”
Beth Newton / Senior Director of Strategy, Scorch

“You’re in control without being controlling.”
Miguel Pardal / Group Creative Director, Scorch
“I have not met anyone who is able to bring people together as fast as you did coming in — that has stuck with me. Thanks for promoting such an open and welcoming environment for all. (Even the extreme introverts!)”
Devon Young / Video Producer & Editor, Scorch

“Chris is an amazingly talented creative who is capable of developing incredible work by himself, or directing great work through a team. Chris is equal parts strong writer and strong designer, which allows him to create conceptually strong work, that feels relevant and well-designed. More important than any of that is the fact that he is a kind, considerate person, who holds himself and those around him to a high standard of integrity and character. I have known Chris for almost 20 years and I'm proud of him as a professional creative, but even more proud of him as a human being.”
Gus Hattrich / CEO, Paradowski Creative

“A note of gratitude for the work you've done. Your decision to rework the idea — instead of just bolting on client feedback — shows real leadership and is very much in line with the core values of Paradowski.”
Brad Hauck / VP Creative Strategy, Paradowski Creative
“Proud of [your DEI efforts]!…This is bigger than a lot of agencies we work with in NY and LA”
Darren Jxn / President & Co-founder, All Black Creatives
“Chris is one of the most thoughtful and meticulous designer/creatives I have ever had the pleasure to work with. You can always count on Chris to give you a measured and honest opinion about the quality of the idea and the work. He continues to push when others are content to call it a day.”
James Scott Blanton / Chief Marketing Officer, Brand Experience, Livecast365
“We are pleased to share that you have been selected (as a contributing artist) for Creative Reaction Lab’s 2019 Artwork for Equity Advocacy Campaign.”
Antionette Carroll / Founder, Creative Reaction Lab & TED Fellow

“Chris crafts a brand to encompass the total user experience and brings it to life with superior design skills. He owns the projects he accepts with fierce dedication to doing it the right way, with uncompromising clarity and drive that brings others into the fold.”
Tim Fleming / Director of Enterprise Sustainability, AT&T

“Chris compulsively seeks and finds innovative means to bridge the gap between consumer and brand. He’s medium-agnostic, unflaggingly progressive, and both a fluid, exceedingly verse writer and a white-hot designer. This is a man possessed. He works for The Idea. Always. No politics. No BS. Oh, and he’s focused, honest, hilarious, wise and an all-around great guy.”
Matt Glarner / Creative Director, New Honor Society, an FCB Company

“You’ve been nominated for the 2019/2020 Kennedy Center Citizen Artist Fellow Recognition, and you are one of 30 nominees to be moved to the final round of review.”
Sydney Krieck / Assistant Manager, Education Special Programs for The Kennedy Center

“You’re helping people and saving lives!”
Wendy / Listener, Since Right Now Addiction Recovery Podcast

“It’s fucking amazing!”
Sherry / Listener, Since Right Now Addiction Recovery Podcast
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