Chris Aguirre
Creative for Life™
Chris is a lifelong Creative1 of Color2.
He's a West Coast3 native living in a suburb4 of St. Louis with his wife5, daughter6, and four dogs7.
Chris is sober8 and is the founder and co-host9 of the irreverent weekly addiction recovery vod/podcast: Since Right Now10.
Chris doesn't always write about himself in the third person but when he does, I do too11.
1. graphic designer, writer, art / creative director, brand identity, illustrator
2. Latino: 2nd gen Mex-Am
3. Palo Alto & Berkeley, CA / Olympia & Seattle, WA
4. Webster Groves
5. Holly
6. 11-year-old Sabine
7. Small, adopted rescues, different breeds
8. For 23+ years from alcohol and other drugs.
9. And producer, and engineer, and booker, and…
10. Currently on hiatus after its sixth season and over 200 episodes.
11. We've also got a thing for footnotes.